Friday, October 14, 2005

7 Things for 7 Days

Here's a little idea. It's a Friday, and I'm relaxing at home watching the box after a week at work, and I was thinking, lets do something special/different, I don't want to just set up lets do these 7 things, and then have them fail because I've been too lazy, so how about just 7 things, anything, recipe's, hopes, events, plans, dreams...

7 things for 7 Days

1. Hope that Fulham beat Charlton
2. Hope that the Angels win the ALCS
3. Ride my bike for at least two hours over the coming week
4. Shave at least four times
5. Cut my hair
6. Write the next chapter of my book
7. Put something for sale on ebay

Could be on to something here. Feel free to post your own "7 things for 7 days" in the comments or a link to your post.


Adam Clair Stremler said...

Sometimes an open thesis is stronger because it does not have to have a structure.
Regards, Andy Clair

Liam said...

1. We drew.
2. We lost.
3. Didn't make it, though looking good this week, I've already done 1:30.
4. Nope. Once.
5. Done!
6. Found book - it's a start.
7. Nope - but identified some prospects