Friday, July 30, 2004

If It Wasn't for Bad Luck

Walking past the bank downstairs from my flat two weeks ago, on my way home in the rain with my daughter and my attention is brought to the cash point machine by someone looking at it, possibly laughing I can't remember really...

Anyway, there's some money hanging out!

I take, it and go back to the banks front door, but it's closed. (It's about 5 pm.)

I walk back past the machine and see the receipt slip hanging out, get that too, and walk on towards my door.

The slip is for £250! I count the money and yes there's 250 quid there. Result! But, the slip goes on to say the closing balance, three hundred and fifty something. So, the 250 was about 40% of their total wealth. (In that a/c).

I went into the bank the next morning, told them the story, gave them the slip (but not the money) and my moble number to call if the money was claimed.

Now it's TWO WEEKS later, and they've just called me. Someone has come in and claimed the money! ARGH! I have exactly zip, zero, zilch, nada, nothing of it left. I was good for a week and did nothing, but after that I thought I was safe - a nice little present from God for being such a good Liam. Sigh... So, I'm going to have to go overdrawn to pay them back!

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Liam said...

Okay, now it's two weeks later, and I haven't even had any recognition from the beneficiary for returning the money!

I mean! Jeanie Bleeding Mac, I've given back the two hundred and fifty fucking pounds and they haven't even the common courtesy to say "thanks".