Sunday, July 11, 2004


It was my birthday a couple of days ago (July 6th 1967). I mostly got books, also had a bottle of Vanilla Vodka from my mother-out-law, some baseball papers and a bottle of Branston pickle from Maisy!

Books are:
Pierlugui Collina - The rules of the game
Chuck Palahniuk - Fugitives and Refugies
Richard Matheson - I Am Legend
Neal Stephenson - The Confusion
Caspian Woods - From Acorns


Sya said...

You're reading "The Confusion" too? How do you like it? I find it has a bit more on economics than science compared to "Quicksilver"--not that it makes it bad, of course, just something different than I usually read.

Liam said...

I haven't started Confusion yet, I've tonnes of things on the go, and I can't finish Quicksilver - not because I'm not enjoying it, quite the reverse, I don't want it to end! But I'll have to get my finger out, as The System of the World (part 3 of the series) is out here (UK) in October.

I absolutely loved the previous Stephenson, Cryptonomicon, and must reread it one day.

As you saw from that list with business books (little Acorns), sports (Collina), novels (Confusion & The Cryptogtrapher), SF/Horror (I am legend) and more, I love to read a lot of different things.

I should blog more of it, as I'm always forgetting some book that I read years ago and whilst I can remember little details of the story can't get the author/title...