Monday, April 17, 2006

reasons to be cheerful...: not about music, not about love

This post not about music, not about love on reasons to be cheerful... made me think about the piece of music that best summarises love to me.

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It's Nimrod by Edward Elgar, taken from his "Enigma Variations". It's a majestic piece of music.

It starts gently, a theme plays and repeats, building and building. It speaks to me of big open skies, long rippling grass in open fields and of coming home. The feeling you get of pride, comfort, peace, of being so happy you can cry, it's a feeling of strength, of having so much you can conquer the world; not with violence but with tranquility.

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cheerful one said...

Hi Liam, thanks for the linkage!

I haven't heard 'Nimrod' since I was studying it at school about 25 years ago - I now realise it's a very beautiful piece of music :)