Monday, June 14, 2004

BBC SPORT | Football | Euro 2004 | France 2-1 England

No. It was Sven's fault.

Rooney should never have been taken off. I'm not a fan of the fat boy, but he was having a great game. To put on that donkey Heskey (Mr. Ed the talking horse) was plain stupidity.

If Sven wanted to save Rooney then give the donkey a carrot in the next game. Not against France!

With two defenders closing in on the player he's tracking back the idiot fouls him, and Zidane levels the score. James in goal hardly moved.

I'm not a fan of Gerrard either - he has anger management problems (although his temper was much better last season) and although he is somewhat skillful I think he's another player hyped up because he plays for Liverpool, but it was no pleasure to see the stupid, sloppy back pass that let Henry in. Just boot it out you scouse &£%^£! James brings down the Frenchman, another penalty, another goal. 2 - 1 to France both goals in extra time.


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