Saturday, May 01, 2004

This was fairly interesting: ic Liverpool - Is football's spiritual home moving south?. However, it's flawed, whilst the championship may have been won by North West clubs 19 of the last 25 times, southern clubs have been the main challengers.

Furthermore, it seems just to be a vehicle to get what I suspect is the authors hobbyhorse, Everton & Liverpool groundsharing.

Also, I've felt that London teams in the past have had problems because there are so many derby games, which generally don't confirm to the form book. Just take the 2004 championship decider, Arsenal at Spurs, in the end it was 2-2. But on paper Arsenal should have won comfortably. Whilst in the North there are in city derbies, such as Manchesters' City V United, and some inter city rivalry, Leeds V Man United, it generally isn't as fearce. Blackburn v Everton? Bolton V Man City, doesn't stir the blood does it?

Some time ago I wrote a little application to analyse results for differnt league scoring ideas, Alternate Leagues. I may try something to map a team over the years, and now after reading that article, I want to try analysing the teams region too.

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